• The science department, under the leadership of Mr. Geofrey Ambooka Oluchiri, comprises of three teaching subjects namely Chemistry, Biology and Physics.  Biology and Chemistry are compulsory while Physics is optional for students who meet the criteria of selection.The members of the department include the following: Mr. Brytone Namayi (Bio/Chem), Mr. Gerald Mwangi (Maths/Chem),Mr. Alex Mutembei Njeru (Maths/Physics) and Mr. Joel Onditi (Maths/Physics). They are ably supported by Mr. Benard Wanyama, the laboratory technician in charge of the three fully equipped laboratories.

    The department has been registering good results for the past five years. For instance, the results for the year 2015 were as follows:




    To achieve these great results, the team of dedicated teachers embraces teamwork in creating a positive attitude and interest in science among the learners. The teachers take a practical approach through various laboratory activities and experiments. They have also integrated ICT in teaching through the use of the smart board and video clips, thus helping learners to internalize otherwise difficult concepts. The syllabus is thoroughly and timely covered inclusive of study questions and experiments in line with the stipulated curriculum. Essay question answering techniques are introduced early enough in form one for proper understanding. Also, the practical exams are introduced in Form two.

    At Apostolic Carmel Girls’ High school learning is not an individual affair. The students have established mixed ability study groups so as to encourage the high-ability learners to assist the average-ability students. This teamwork is inspired by the departmental motto: “Together we stand and grow but divided we fall and perish.”

    Check out the gallery on the school website at for pictorials of the laboratory activities

    Compiled by:

    Mr. Geofrey Ambooka Oluchiri

    Head of Department(Sciences)

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