The Catholic Church sees the Sacraments as necessary means of salvation for the faithful as a whole, conferring each sacrament particular grace, whether forgiveness of sins, adoption as children of God, Confirmation to Christ and the Church.

The following sacraments are administered:

a) Baptism –This is the first of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church and marks the beginning of a person’s journey in faith with God.

b) Penance – This is the sacrament of reconciliation so that the believer can obtain forgiveness of sins committed and reconcile with God

c) Confirmation-This is the sacrament that perfects baptism and brings the graces of the Holy Spirit that were granted on the Day of Pentecost

Note: All these sacraments are administered with the knowledge and permission from the parents.

The candidates are taken through the Catechism classes in order to prepare them for the administration of the sacraments.

The Apostolic Carmel Sisters are in charge of the Catechism classes.

Baptism and Penance are administered by The Parish Priests while Confirmation is administered by The Bishops of the Archdiocese of Nairobi or the The Cardinal.

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