• The main function of The Outreach Club is to reach out to less fortunate members of society in an attempt to uplift their standards of life or also to make their living conditions more bearable. At Apostolic Carmel Buruburu, the club aims at sensitizing our students to this reality of life and awakening their desire to reach out but most importantly appreciate what is provided to them- We can all do with less than we think we need.The club, officially launched this year, has been engaged in numerous activities throughout the year.

    It all started with a visit to St. Michael’s Secondary School located in Mukuru Kwa Njenga, a slum area in Nairobi. The school, run by the Sisters of Mercy, is a mixed day secondary school located at Mukuru Promotion Centre. It receives students from the slum area who survive on meagre resources but provided with a favorable learning environment, some of the students excel in KCSE. (In 2013, 3 students scored ‘A’ grades)

    1. 28th March – Reconnaissance visit by the principal and a few teachers.
    2. 7th- 8th April – Two-day symposium for form four students at St. Michaels School; students engaged in their day program.
    3. 30th- 3rd March – Visit to Mt. Carmel Girls, Gathugu (Principal, H.O.Ds, Form Four students and former students of 2013)
    4. 26th June – Form four students of St. Michaels visit Apostolic Carmel for a languages symposium.
    5. 8th – 10th Aug – Form four students of Mt. Carmel girls visit Apostolic Carmel for a three day exchange program of students and teachers.
    6. 2nd – 3rd Term Judy Chemutai, a student from Fr. Diaz Secondary school in Moiben, was accommodated at Apostolic Carmel to improve her grade and that of her school.


    The school has an ongoing scholarship fund that is partially funded by the students through a monthly sale. Every class is assigned a turn during which they are free to organize, with the help of their class teacher, a sale of various  edible items to the rest of the school .The students learn various skills (budgeting, sale, cooking, bargaining) and have some fun while at it. The proceeds from this sale go towards educating needy but bright students who would otherwise not be able to afford the quality education offered by the Apostolic Carmel schools. It is also aimed at inculcating in the students the value of reaching out to other teens to access similar opportunities in Education. This year a total of –????——- was raised through these efforts.


    When we do not have much to give in terms if finances surely, we can give a part of ourselves. This year, the staff and students of Apostolic Carmel did just that by donating blood through the National Blood Transfusion Services. A total of 63 students and three staff members donated blood. We look forward to many such occasions in future.


    Following a report in one of the local dailies about the starving Kenyans in Baringo, the sisters of Buruburu community of Apostolic Carmel came together for an initiative to collect funds that would be sent to Baringo to feed the starving people Everyday, for one week, students and staff contributed in feeding the needy by buying items that were on sale during recess.


    As part of their annual staff trip, the Principal, dean and support staff toured Isiolo during the August holidays and donated food stuff, clothes and other personal effects to a secondary school in Isiolo that caters for very needy students.

    In line with social concern and concern for the less fortunate in society, students are encouraged to be concerned about the less fortunate in the society through visiting and helping the less fortunate or contributing through donations; financial or otherwise towards the livelihoods of the less fortunate in our society. This has seen them visit Kibera Brothers Missionaries and Lunga Lunga slums besides conducting various sales activities in the school to raise funds to educate the needy (but bright) students, an activity that has been conducted with immense enthusiasm.

    Very recently, the institution together with its sister schools in Kenya, through the kindness and facilitation of the Regional Superior arranged to have a group of staff members travel to India for an educational tour where ideas were shared among the teachers of the different institutions and learning of each other’s cultures was also possible.

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