Outreach Club


The Outreach Club members were involved in several activities this year. Following the severe drought that ravaged several parts of the country during the first quarter of the year, the club members (through the principal) requested for support from parent to aid those who were suffering especially in Nairobi County. Parents/ guardians responded extraordinarily well contributing food items such as maize flour, rice, wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil and many other items. Used clothes, shoes and a sum of four thousand five hundred and fifty shillings (Ksh. 4,550) was also contributed.

Throughout the year, many needy families have benefitted from these donations which have been redistributed through the principal’s office.


1.) Destiny Children’s Home

The Destiny Children’s home is one of the Mrs. Margaret Beryl Wakhusama. It caters for children between the ages of 1 to 18 years. Most of the children are orphans while the rest come from severely underprivileged homes. Mrs. Wakhusama, a former pastor, runs the home through support from donors and well-wishers .One of the children from the home is being educated at our school and is also a very active member of the Outreach Club.

Club members paid a visit to the home during the second term and spent an afternoon with the children.


2.) Kitengela Children’s Home

Club members paid a second visit to this club following a similar one the previous year. The children here were indeed happy to see us so were the sisters who run the home. We spend an afternoon interacting with the children Learning new songs and just getting to know each other.



Through an organization called Girl Power, Our students were able to reach out to needy girls who may be unable to attend school at certain times of the month due to unavailability of sanitary pads. The students participated in a completion to see which class would raise the highest number of sanitary pads. The form 2A class emerged the winner having raised a total of 338 pads. All the students were also requested to write a message of hope for each girl would be receiving the pad.


This year, the club had set a target to raise funds to educate at least two students for a whole year at the school by raising two hundred thousand shillings, (KSh 200,000). Although this target was not achieved, this has been our most successful year yet. The club managed to raise a total of one hundred and seventy eight thousand, three hundred and fifty nine shillings (Ksh. 178,359)

Below is a breakdown of how the club performed in the three terms

  • Term 1   60,642/=
  • Term 2 67 000/=
  • Term 3 50,717/=

TOTAL                         Ksh. 178,359/=

A smaller amount was raised in term 3 owing to the short length of the term (8weeks)

We look forward to hitting our target next year and even surpassing it.


In-line with the school tradition, we celebrated Christmas as school just before the school closed for the third term holidays. This year for the celebration, we were joined by children from Destiny Children’s home, who regaled us with songs, bible verses and a fashion show for entertainment. The children received presents donated by our students and later joined us for lunch.



The Outreach Club in conjunction with all the students raised some funds to give Mr. William Were a gift as he retires after more than 20years at the school. Mr. William is the longest serving member of staff having served at the school since its inception. The students raised a total of fifteen thousand shillings (Ksh. 15,000). This was used to purchase 13kg gas cylinder- with gas, and a table top gas cooker with two burners. The remainder was given to Mr. William to aid in transporting the gifts to his home town in Siaya, where he will be settling after retirement.
It was a colorful event as Mr. William joined the students for a jig as he was being led to the stage for the gifting ceremony.


Report compiled by:

Gladys Malii

Admission Enquiry

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