Kenya National Music Festivals – 2022

Kenya National Music Festivals, Kisumu

It has been a good outing for the school's National Kenya Music Festivals team in this year's (2022) festivals held in Kisumu County/City.

The school was represented by 150 students in various items viz.

  • Contemporary Oriental (Bollywood) Dance,
  • Rest of Africa (South African - Xhosa) Folksong,
  • Rest of Africa (Baganda - Baakisimba) Dance,
  • Oriental Cultural Folkdance (Bhangra),
  • Western Cultural Folkdance (Scottish),
  • Arabic Choral Verse,
  • Kalenjin (Sabaot) Folkdance,
  • Kalenjin (Kipsigis) Folksong,
  • Mijikenda (Giriama) Folksong,
  • Brass Band,
  • Marakwet Folkdance.

For the very first time, the school triumphed nationally in the first 5 of the listed items, was runners up in Arabic Choral verse. As for the rest of the items, they were positions 4, 5, 6 and 6 respectively.

This is evidenced in the following pictoral representations.

Bollywood Dance performance during the Gala/State Concert

Students and Staff receiving a Certificate for winning Oriental (Bhangra) folkdance

The students receiving Oriental Dance Winners' Trophy

Sr. Joanita A.C.

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