Maths, Technical & Industrial Studies

The Math and Technical Studies department constitutes 7 highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to making a positive impact on student’s lives by creating an atmosphere conducive to learning.

We are enthusiastic, dedicated and adaptable; willing to experiment and adjust plans to the situation, catering to diverse modalities of learning to promote and enhance individual student strengths, instilling in students a love for knowledge and the desire to meet and exceed expectations.

There is skilled use of positive reinforcement, communication, and, adept problem solving aimed at establishing outstanding rapport with students.

We are exceptional team-builders and leaders; creating a strong sense of community for students and staff.

Key Achievements of the Department

  • We have initiated and implemented educational programs for academically weak students, actively engaging them and creating programs to satisfy their requirements i.e. remedial classes, group discussions etc.
  • We have inculcated in our students a sense of honesty, hardwork, determination, responsibility and integrity towards the conduct of examinations and other assessments.

NB: Math isn’t at all as difficult as it seems. We just need to change our attitude and thinking and realize that math is logical and easy and by asking help, we can do it.

If others have done it, so can you!

Don’t think in difficulty

Math is not at all as difficult as it seems. Many people just give up after one or two hick-ups. Think of it as a road with some potholes. You’re not going to turn around when there is a bump in the road before you, you will find a solution to going around or even over it to get to your destination. Conquer the problem and find the solution.


Sticking to something always pays off. Rewards are inevitable and you will be rewarded according to your perseverance. Math is something you need to master and if you persevere you will not just master a math skill, but you will gain a life skill.

Feel comfortable

Memorizing formulas will help accelerate the speed of your computation in basic math. Math formulae is the essence and shortcut to most solutions you need to achieve in math. Take time to study the formulae and understand them, this way you will save time in many calculations. Feeling comfortable with formulae will give you the momentum so required.

Make a Math Journal/Notebook

Take time daily to write down math notes, problems and their solutions in a journal/notebook especially for math. This way you can go back to them whenever the need arises. You can keep your journal handy and have a quick reference guide. Do it especially with the difficult topics/sub-topics/problems, and also note the details of the person who assisted you with that topic/sub-topic/problem, for incase you need help.

Gaining experience

As with everything in life the fear of the unknown is living and breathing when it comes to math problems. The only way to conquer fear is to gain knowledge of the subject. When you have experience in something then you will have self confidence and thus you will succeed.

Positive attitude

Don’t let any little misunderstanding or problem make you develop a negative towards math. Build up your attitude by sticking positive statements on your math book, desk or work area. Constantly remind yourself that math is the key to better living and that you are able to do all things, conquer every mountain and be successful in whatever you do!

Be inquisitive

Tackle problems head on and investigate, explore or ask questions. This way you will find solutions and be able to resolve every problem. Remember that teachers are there to guide and help you achieve.

Think logically

Use your daily activities to think logically and use relationships to help you master math. Every person you meet has some skill that you can learn from. Use this to your advantage and take what you learn and apply it to your own life, this way math becomes a part of who you are.

A mistake isn’t always wrong

The greatest lessons I have learnt from life are from the actions I did or got wrong.

Don’t get discouraged when you make mistakes for these are the lessons you will live to remember and they will always stick with you.

You will tend to remember the solutions you found for them and they will become natural to you.

George Barasa – Head of Department