Environment Club

  • As a school, our concern for environment is one of the core values. We endeavour to mark the World Environment Day every year through a poster competition, cleanup activities and tree planting programmes. As a core value of the school, we train and instil in our students the sense of responsibility and care for our environment and all nature. They therefore learn to take care of the environment and nature and share the same interest with their peers and family members.ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB

    A number of activities were carried out by this club all aimed at maintaining a healthy school environment and teaching students conservation activities in and around the school.

    • At the beginning of the year 507kg of used exercise books were collected as recycled paper. This year 737kg was sold for recycling.
    • A monthly clean up exercise of the school compound and its environs was organized by the club members which saw them clean up the washrooms and wash area. This is a weekly activity undertaken by the club members.
    • In second term students started a tomato project which however, did not do well owing to the competition for the facility with the school chickens. Well, it seems the chickens won the space this year. More will be done next year.
    • In the month of June, club members visited Karura Forest to learn about nature and conservation of the environment.
    • The club has been involved in taking care of the trees within the school compound by ensuring that they are watered and handled properly. Every house in the school is assigned two trees to take care of.

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