Environment club

This year the club conducted a clean-up of Buruburu area, albeit in a smaller scale compared to previous years. This was done to mark the annual World Environmental Day on 5th June.


In the days leading to this event, students had been involved in a general clean-up on the school compound and also watering the plants. Club members were also given lessons on how to better take care of the environment and also lessons on nature study.



TREE PLANTING AT NARUMORU ( Carmel hill Primary school)

As part of our activities to green the environment, the club sourced seedling from the Kenya Forestry Service, who have been supporting the school towards this venture. This year, through their office in Nyeri, the club managed to acquire 500 seedlings of various species such as the fast growing Eucalyptus species and the hardy Gravellier species among others.


While picking seedlings at the Nyeri offices students got a chance to learn about various species and their benefit to human beings.

The Tree planting session was done at Carmel Hill Catholic primary school. The Superior of the house, Sr. Villa and our school principal, Sr. Joanita and the deputy, Sr. Wilma accompanied us for the tree planting activity.


Report compiled by:

Ms. Gladys Malii

Environmental club in charge.

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